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Teen Celebrates First Year of Lymphoma Remission on Daffodil Day

Improved cancer survival rates

New evidence from Cancer Council Queensland (CCQ) shows that over the last 30 years, cancer survival statistics have drastically improved. 86% of children under the ages of 19 have a five year survival rate, in comparison to 70% seen 30 years prior. CCQ’s chief execute, Chris McMillan, stated “Every day in Queensland three children between the ages of 0-19 will be diagnosed with cancer – a startling statistic that we are urgently working to overcome”. She went on to say “The great news is that ongoing research and better treatments have delivered massive gains in survival outcomes, with five-year relative survival for all common forms of childhood cancers improving significantly over time.” McMillan notes that rates of lymphoid leukemia have improved by 57%, while 93% of children have been seen to survive blood cancer. “This increase in survival rates is in part due to increased funding for clinical trials, which have resulted in better treatments for young people who have been diagnosed,” she said.