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Lymphoma Survivor Transforms Wedding into Research Fundraiser

Tips to keep in mind

Tips to keep in mind

Advertise. Advertise. Advertise: You want as many people coming to your event as possible, which means you will likely have to spread the word about the event. Be sure to tell all of your friends and family and ask if they can tell those that they know as well. If you are planning on hosting a public event, try and ask local radio stations or television channels if you could have a quick shout out describing your event (many will be more likely to do it if it is for a great cause). You can also go the old-fashioned route of putting up fliers, posters, Facebook posts, and even go door to door.

Transparency is Key: There have been many causes and events that have turned out to be less than stellar in terms of getting the money where it needs to go. You will have the best results if you make it clear what the funds are being raised for, how the funds will be handled, and where exactly all the money will go. It is best if you do not take funds for yourself after the event, even if you did invest in the event itself. A great way to increase your event's legitimacy is to partner with a local chapter of a well-known charity organization. Not only does this reassure attendees that their money will go towards the cause, it also may help your event since these organizations often have a lot of experience and insight in running these types of events.

Spread Awareness: Some attendees may not be all too familiar with your cause and why it deserves their attention or funds. A great way to rectify this is to focus on spreading awareness during the event. Having speakers, fliers, or panels regarding the cause can help educate attendees on what the cause is and why it is important. If your fundraiser involves a disease like lymphoma, it is a good idea to find some survivor's or currently diagnosed patients to share their stories and journey battling the disease. This can be quite powerful and can inspire guests to donate more than originally planned.