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Managing Chronic Pain with Fibromyalgia

How Doctors Come Into Play

Patients are not alone. Often busy doctors who try to see as many patients as they can, especially doctors who work in a hospital rather than the slower pace of a private practice. Often, they too think of the pain in terms of severity rather than how widespread it is.

Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of self-diagnosing websites, doctors are now trying to quell the fear that lives in the eyes of patients who come in with website printouts suggesting that their tonsillitis may be throat cancer. Consequently, many doctors now have the reputation of being a uncaring because of how quickly they need to move through appointments, often harshly silencing well-meaning if not misinformed questions and concerns from anxious patients. This dilemma is not only frustrating for the doctor and patient alike, but it puts a strain on the doctor-patient relationship.