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Managing Chronic Pain with Fibromyalgia

Study Results

This means that those who suffer from chronic pelvic pain syndrome with widespread pain showed an increase in grey matter and brain connectivity within certain areas of the brain that are not prevalent in the pain-free control group. The implication is that their pain would not be cured if the doctors treating them tried to just treat their pelvis.

Harris’s research found something even more fascinating. “What was surprising was these individuals with widespread pain, although they had the diagnosis of urological chronic pelvic pain, were actually identical to another chronic pain disorder: fibromyalgia.”

Fibromyalgia, another chronic pain disease, causes its patients to feel a tremendous amount of pain, as well as feel as if they have the flu everyday. While this seems to be an entirely different problem than what the MAPP study was finding, it may suggest that there is progress to be made if doctors begin to look at the similarities between more chronic pain diseases.