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Rough and Tough Mike Singer Never Thought it Would Happen to Him.

He vows to make an impact in the breast cancer community

Through the research program, Singer learned about Project Lead, a program sponsored by the National Breast Cancer Coalition. 50 advocates each year are selected by Project Lead to participate in a one-week seminar in which doctors, scientists, and researchers teach the entire science behind breast cancer from the bottom up. Singer described this as a college biology course focusing specifically on the biology of breast cancer. Singer was the only male advocate selected to participate in the program.

Singer was able to tell his story at the convention, and two articles were written and subsequently published about his story. At 50 years old, Singer did not expect to make such a radical life change, but he found advocating for breast cancer survivors and patients to be one of the most rewarding things that he could have chosen to do in his life. Rather than allowing the cancer to defeat him or destroy his self-esteem, he embraced the narrative of his life and worked to make an impact in the lives of others who have been or may be affected by cancer.