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Rough and Tough Mike Singer Never Thought it Would Happen to Him.

Mike was cancer-free after surgery

After putting his affairs in order, Singer went in for surgery on December 21st, just days before Christmas. He underwent lymphatic mapping, which involves a series of six injections around the nipple, and then went in for a mastectomy, in which all of the breast tissue in his left breast would be removed. By the time he woke up from the surgery, the doctors were able to confirm that the cancer had not spread to any other regions of the body. Singer was good to go.

He was not prescribed radiation therapy, or chemotherapy, and was returned to his home in time to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with his family. After consulting with his oncologist, he was put on Tamoxifen, which he remains on as a preventative measure against the cancer returning. Though the medication is not pleasant, he remains adamant in prolonging his lifespan to the best of his abilities.