While you're sleeping, the brain is the most active

Sleep is probably everyone's favorite part of the day. But while your eyes are closed and you are taking a snooze, your brain is working in overdrive. While you're asleep, your brain is running a million and one processes to get you ready for the next day. Sleep is vital because without the recommended hours of sleep, you can have trouble learning, making decisions, solving problems, and maintaining your emotions and behavior. Not having enough sleep is linked to depression, suicide, anxiety, and impulsive behavior. 

Having trouble sleeping? These tips will help

1. Put the phone away when going to bed

There have been a few studies that tut at looking at a phone screen right before you fall asleep. The blue light from your phone can disrupt your sleep pattern because of the wavelength that it emits.

2. Add more light to your room

Many researchers have cited that if you add more light to your room throughout daytime hours, you're body will fall more into a scheduled routine a lot easier. Plus, when you're in a room with dark lighting while the sun is still going strong, you aren't exactly motivated to do anything, right?