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Mistakes People with Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Make

Not following your medication plan

Having to take numerous medications throughout the day and every day can be an arduous and frustrating task. Medication compliance is an issue commonly seen with many people who have chronic conditions. Often the medications are not a cure, and can take a long time to start working. This can contribute to patients skipping medications or not following the plan that their provider has recommended. As a result, patients may experience worsening symptoms and flare ups, or may not have given the medication time to take effect. Patient’s with also sometimes skip medication when they are feeling well. It is important to remember that these medications only help your feel well and continue to feel well as long as you are taking them. If you are having trouble adhering to your medication schedule, or if you have concerns about the efficacy or side effects of the medications, talk to your provider. He/she is there to help you and make sure that the two of you are in agreement regarding the treatment plan.