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MLB Athlete Donates $3.5 Million to Fight Childhood Cancer

More about children’s hospitals

Though children with cancer can receive treatment anywhere they and their family see fit, many choose to go to a specialized cancer center within a larger hospital, or a specific children’s hospital. Over 90% of children diagnosed with cancer are treated in a specialized children’s cancer unit or hospital. The advantage of receiving treatment at one of these facilities is that the physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals are specifically trained in and have experience with pediatric cancer. Even if the treatment itself is the same as anywhere else, the personal experience with clinicians who understand the intricacies of treating a child with cancer can make all the difference for the patient and their family. There are over 200 hospitals in the wonderful Children’s Hospital Association. In addition to the specialized care these hospitals are able to provide for children and their families, they also make a point to serve vulnerable populations and engage with the communities around them.