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Tips for Immediately Reducing Stress

Here are some some on-the-spot tips that experts recommend to relax and reduce stress instantly: 

  • Take a deep breath – This is not just lip service. Stress often causes shallow breathing and taking a deep breath, counting to 10 and exhaling slowly can be exactly the thing to calm you down. Focus on your breathing for a moment and inhale deeply to feel the changes in your body as you breathe in. Then exhale in the same way. Repeat the process at least ten times in order to get your pulse, blood pressure and stress level back to normal. Be sure you are breathing from your belly and not your chest. This makes all the difference in the world. 
  • Visualize positive images – It is very difficult for some to focus while in a stressed state. However, it is possible to channel your mind and visualize images that can keep you relaxed and reduce the thoughts away from the situation that is causing the stress. It is a form of distraction. Whether your image is a certain soothing color or calming place, these images will bring in more positive thoughts. The trick is to do this enough times to make it a habit. When stress kicks up you can go to "your happy place."
  • Have a cup of green tea – This sounds almost too simple. But it works. When feeling overwhelmed, make yourself a cup of green tea. The calming properties will help and sipping on it will reduce the shallow breathing associated with stress. It can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol which is important during the most stressed of situations. 
  • MeditateMeditation is actually an activity that can help you maintain focus and attention. Everyone meditates in a different way, but the most important thing is to center your mind and let go of negative thoughts. 
  • Listen to your favorite music– All experts agree that music can easily reduce stress and help calm someone down. Try to listen to music with a slow tempo to have your heartbeat in tune with the music. Keep the music on some time, and close your eyes and listen. You'll be surprised about how much music can relax your body. Set up a play list of calming tunes or 'feel good' music that you can turn to during the most stressful times.