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Multiple Sclerosis: Healing the Soul From the Inside Out

Schedule a restful day

There is nothing worse than watching your friends and family have fun without you because something was scheduled on a day you allotted to resting. Although good and bad days can be unpredictable, after a long day out it’s important to take the next day to rest. Post a schedule in your home for family and friends to see which days you aren’t going to be joining them and which days you are scheduled for “adventure”.

Keeping a posted schedule will give friends and family an idea of which days you need to rest and which days are open to join them. This will help to prevent those crushing days that everyone goes out and has fun while you are stuck at home. Resting is important for both your body and your mind, and it’s hard to rest your mind when you’re dwelling on your inability to join in on the fun. Who knows? If you’re lucky enough, your family might join you on your rest and relaxation days too.