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Why Do Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Improve in the Winter?

It's difficult to predict your response to medication

While in general, most individuals tolerate these medications, it is difficult to foresee what your response will be. That is, every individual’s immune system reacts differently. You may feel slight relief from your symptoms or you may even feel significantly better within a few days. You could even find yourself struggling with mood swings, ranging from feeling energized while on the medication to feeling depressed while you come off the medication. In such cases, you should consult with your doctor and he or she may recommend another treatment option. Most important, you should be aware that corticosteroid responses vary greatly – in one instance, your body may react positivity and in another, it may react negatively. However, having a positive experience does not mean that they will all be positive and having a negative experience does not mean that they will all be negative.