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Real-Time Multiple Sclerosis Tracking App Debuts

Tracking treatment in real time

MS treatments and therapies are offered on a case by case basis. Since all MS patients present with a unique set of symptoms, and follow a unique and largely unpredictable progression, treatments can have varying effects. Tracking the treatments prescribed to patients—especially those prescribed to reduce symptoms in day-to-day life—can help those treatments and prescriptions to become more effective.

Medical research is the key to defeating and curing disease—physicians can only treat a disease to the extent that they understand it. Participants with and without MS can help researchers gain a better understanding of what affects or triggers MS symptoms, shedding light on this largely unpredictable disease. The app is only available through the Apple app store, and is only compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches with iOS 10.0 or later.

Stanley Cohan, MD, PhD, who serves as medical director of Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center in Portland, Oregon, says that “as physicians, we always want to know how our patients with MS are doing on the treatments we prescribe.” Now, through the elevateMS app, people living with MS can relay their experiences directly to researchers who seek to break new ground in the battle against neurological disease.