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Amazing Girl With Muscular Dystrophy Expresses Creativity

Developments in Muscular Dystrophy

We learned that MD is caused by an abnormal gene that obstructs the production of proteins, therefore not producing a strong muscle for our body. The research conducted by Universität Basel (University of Basel) scientists have designed proteins to treat muscular dystrophy, their study has shown that the two proteins they designed have helped recover muscle force, increase body weight, and most importantly prolong life. The researchers use an animal model for their study focusing on congenital muscular dystrophy.

More studies are constantly conducted by scientists all over the world to find the cure for muscular dystrophy. It may come sooner or later, but those diagnosed with any forms of the disease and their family needs to know that treatment for this disease is available. Medications, physical therapies, and surgical procedures are some of the treatment available. These treatments can help those with MD to remain mobile as long as possible.