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Amazing Girl With Muscular Dystrophy Expresses Creativity

Disease Progression

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Despite the worsening condition of Kate’s disease, she is determined to continue her drawing projects. Kate continued to practice her drawing skills and her parents and sister give their all-out support to her.

Her determination together with her strong support system has allowed Kate to still enjoy her life despite her disease. She has been attending to a normal school and has shown a good scholastic track record. Kate was able to maximize her skills when she took a painting lesson. This allowed her to express herself and even revealed a talent she didn't exactly know she had. She thought she was only good in drawing, but she discovered that she can do well in painting as well. This new found talent has given her more reason to keep on fighting. Kate loved painting so much that she managed herself to paint while lying on her side.

Now, the artist – Ekaterina “Kate” Borodulkina has produced several paintings over the period of some time since she could not incessantly finish her paintings because of her condition.