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Amazing Girl With Muscular Dystrophy Expresses Creativity

The Life of Ekaterina “Kate” Borodulkina

Photo Source: Facebook / фикрат салимов

She began showing symptoms of MD when she was just barely three months old, Kate who is now 10 years old and diagnosed with MD can no longer talk, walk, raise her hands, and hold her head up. Living in Moscow, Kate together with her parents and a sister faces their everyday life as normal as they possibly could, but with Kate’s undeniable needs, life can be a bit tough.

Kate uses an automatic wheelchair to move since she could not walk on her own, she undergoes therapy sessions to help her better manage the disease and help her ease her situation. Her life has constantly been about going to her therapy sessions or attending to different kinds of appointments, but she never forgot her passion and love for art. Ever since Kate was just a kid, she has been showing signs of creativity in art. At the age of 2, Kate draws with her pencils and colors them in her high chair and she started going to a children's art school at 3 years old. When she reached the age of 4, her disease worsens which required her to use an artificial ventilation device that was attached to her most of the time to help her breath.