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Potential Therapy May Help Muscular Dystrophy Patients Restore Breathing Capacity

Potential Therapy May Help Muscular Dystrophy Patients Restore Breathing Capacity

Potential Therapy May Help Muscular Dystrophy Patients Restore Breathing Capacity

Those with Duchenne muscular dystrophy know all too well the breathing issues that can come with it. If not properly addressed, children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy can have serious lung complications. 

Respiratory issues are among the most common effects that patients, and caretakers, experience. Around age ten, the respiratory system can become a major problem, so it's essential for parents to understand how exactly it impacts their child, and what they can do to help. 

A recent study found that those who suffer from the disease and have a deficiency in respiratory capacity may improve their condition if the breathing pattern is enhanced via the brain. To prove this, researchers studied mice with low dystrophin levels and have difficulty with their own breathing. Dystrophin is the protein that causes malfunction in most of the forms for muscular dystrophy, including Duchenne muscular dystrophy

With the new strides made by researchers, it's essential for caregivers and patients to stay up to date on any developments, especially since most of the symptoms and bodily changes are experienced by most patients.

If a parent or guardian notices the symptoms of DMD, then the child should be tested early to prevent future breathing problems. Some parents might even notice muscle loss, and later, the issues might increase if this is not treated. After their diagnosis, the best thing to do is trying to do preventive care.

Throughout your care, try to use words of comfort and activities if the child has difficulty coping with the symptoms. If lung symptoms persist, an inhaler may be used to overcome breathing issues. However, if a person is not communicating these issues, then look out for any facial clues or sudden behavioral changes. Study up on the official research and keep a supportive attitude. Also, bear in mind that it is important to regularly visit your doctors and critical to discuss various treatment options to make the young patient feel comfortable.

Over time, muscle cells can get damaged, which can cause difficulty with the respiratory system and result in deterioration. Foods can play a large role in assisting with breathing and keeping your overall health. For patients to receive adequate nutrition, foods rich in protein and calcium are just two ways. As directed by the doctor, supplements should be taken. 

Read on to learn more about the potential therapy that can restore breathing capacity and what foods can help a patient's overall well-being.