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Potential Therapy May Help Muscular Dystrophy Patients Restore Breathing Capacity

Potential Therapy May Help Muscular Dystrophy Patients Restore Breathing Capacity

Potential Therapy May Help Muscular Dystrophy Patients Restore Breathing Capacity

Those with Duchenne muscular dystrophy know all too well the breathing issues that can come with it. These issues can lead to serious lung complications if not properly addressed. Those who have an individual under their care with Duchenne muscular dystrophy are aware of the issues that come from this disease, especially for those in later stages and with other health issues. Among all of the already known issues by many of those with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and some caretakers are the respiratory issues that can come with it. Around age ten, the respiratory system can become a problem. Understanding how this can impact an individual and their quality of life can be more beneficial than ever, especially with the most recent research out there. 

A study found that for those suffering from the disease, the deficiency in respiratory capacity may improve if via the brain the breathing pattern is enhanced.  On mice lacking dystrophin studies were performed. In those with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, this protein causes malfunction. The mice shown to have features of DMD such as respiratory and breathing issues. For those who are looking for new hope, this research can be helpful.

Every year new strides are made by researchers on this form of disease. The caregiver and for those who for themselves makes healthcare decision are suggested to stay up to date on new symptoms. Many different types of symptoms and body changes are involved in children. Even before the breathing issue starts, the ability to get up off the floor is the first sign. To walk the child might use their hands and to stand upon the child may use furniture or another solid base.

If issues show up then the child should be tested early. This will prevent future breathing problems. Some might even notice muscle loss. Later the issues might increase if this is not treated. Best after diagnosis is trying to do preventive care. For those suffering from DMD and for caregiver the healthcare professional advice to prevent and try to prevent any other issues.

It is suggested to make use of words of comfort and activities if the child has difficulty coping with symptoms. However an inhaler may be used in some cases of breathing issues. If a person is not communicating the issues then it can be of large help if we look for facial clues or sudden behaviour changes. Study up official research and keep a supportive attitude. Also bear in mind that it is important to regularly visit the health care professional. It is critical to discuss various options and make the patient feel comfortable.

Over time muscle cells can get damaged, this can cause difficulty with the respiratory system and result in deterioration. In overall health and to assist breathing, foods can play a large role. For patients to receive adequate nutrition, foods rich in protein and calcium are just two ways. As directed by the doctor supplements should be taken. Some alternatives are lean, meats, fish, beans and legumes. These can be of great help.

A possible consideration is food allergies. For allergen testing foods that assist in breathing problems are generally suggested by the health care professional. The length of life can be increased by foods with anti inflammatory properties. They also bring about a happier sense of being and promote overall wellness.

Prevent anxiety attacks, avoid serious stress, keep a support group. Avoid negative impacts. It can be easier to manage the disease by a positive attitude towards patients, caring attitude towards caregiver. For all those diagnosed with the disease should know to avoid unhealthy lifestyle and place limits. It will be beneficial for children and adults to open about feelings. All symptoms should be considered. The patient can get proper treatment by carrying on with a positive attitude and being aware of problems and their side effects.