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10 Quotes to Help Muscular Dystrophy Patients When They're Down

William James and Timber Hawkeye

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.“ – William James

Losing faith in a situation, job, or a person leads to failure. Believe that anything can be overcome and that everyone deserves the effort. Work hard at every situation that comes up and there will be no chance for failure. Even small acts can change someone's life. Whether it is a kind gesture or helping them with something. Every action that is taken can either positively or negatively affect other people and the world. Strive to lead a positive footprint.

“You’ve survived 100 percent of everything in your life so far, so there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll survive whatever is next.” – Timber Hawkeye

There are situations that seem bleak. When thinking about how to handle them it seems impossible. Coping with a difficult situation can be hard. Something that can make it easier is finding other people in a similar situation. Or just finding someone that is willing to listen. Finding someone who is willing to help overcome a situation can completely change the game.
The power of positive thinking is a thing. Someone that looks at a challenge and believes that it can be done is much more likely to do so versus someone who believes they will fail. Motivate others and stayed motivated in any situation. There is no shame in failing as long as it does not mean giving up.