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Top Myths Overheard About Celiac Disease

Celiac is primarily the disease of gastrointestinal tract

Celiac disease causes diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms

True, but not always. A large number of people may have the so called “silent celiac disease”. Or at least it may not cause many gastrointestinal disturbances for years. This is the reason why it takes so long for this disease to be diagnosed. Quite often the symptoms are vague and very difficult to relate to the celiac disease. Some people may have anemia, osteoporosis, weight loss, all with seemingly mild gastrointestinal symptoms.

Celiac is primarily the disease of gastrointestinal tract

No, the new understanding of celiac disease is different. Historically it has been considered mainly the disease of the gastrointestinal system, with biopsy of the intestine being diagnostic. But now the understanding of disease is changing. It is a systemic, autoimmune, multi-organ disease, rather than just of the alimentary tract. Thus one may present with an autoimmune injury to joints, bones (2),brain, uterus, heart or any other organ, not just a gut as it has been thought earlier (3).