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Top Myths Overheard About Celiac Disease

Switching to a gluten free diet may help to know if a person has a celiac disease

No, in fact even if a person had a celiac disease and he or she switches to the gluten free diet, then it may result in healing of the intestinal mucosa. Which would make the results of intestinal biopsy inconclusive. Thus it is best to give all the tests including biopsy before making changes to the diet.

After switching to a gluten free diet there is no need to consult a doctor and person can be regarded as cured

Though gluten free diet is really helpful and most people are able to make a complete recovery, but this does not mean that a person is cured. A person is still at a risk of developing other autoimmune disorders that are commonly found to be associated with a celiac disease like; thyroid disease, type 1 diabetes. Thus one should continue regular medical consultations, and tell the doctor about celiac disease even if there are no symptoms since long.


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