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Most Effective Natural Remedies for Lupus Patients


Lupus can manifest with a wide variety of symptoms. However, the ones that appear in most — if not all — of the cases are fatigue, sore joints, constant and intense headaches, sleep troubles including insomnia (or hypersomnia in some cases) and, more commonly, skin rashes. Said symptoms are also common in other conditions, which significantly complicates the detection and diagnosis of lupus. At times, it can even take several years for a person to get properly diagnosed with the disease, which may entail various treatment plans with no signs of the patient’s condition improving, which may, in turn, lead to frustration and further complications.

One of the biggest issues about lupus nowadays is that, even though we have several methods to identify and even treat the disease, such as drugs, pain relievers, and even hormone replacement therapies, these methods come with a heavy amount of side effects which, while better than the alternative, can be quite dangerous on their own. Regardless, the sad truth is that many lupus sufferers take their medication and follow their treatments despite their possible side effects because they feel they don’t have a choice and, in most cases, they are right. However, there exist natural treatments for lupus which can help reduce the disease’s symptoms and improve the patient’s conditions in a very organic way, and without compromising his or health in the long run due to unexpected side effects.