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Experts Say New Autism Study Is a Shocking Wake-Up Call

Final thoughts

“We know mental health problems and suicide are a huge problem in autism but there is little high-quality research to help us understand how we can improve services and the lives of autistic people. In light of these and other deeply worrying findings, we are urging more people to join our new autism research network, Discover, that will link the local autistic community with top UK research centres such as Coventry University. The more we understand the causes, the better we can support all autistic people to live long, healthy, happy live,s” said Dr. James Cusack, director of science at Autistica. Today, Autistica strives to recruit 5,000 autistic individuals, their families, and caregivers for further research on autism and suicide. Ultimately, their goal is to be able to recognize the danger signs, develop recommendations that can be implemented in order to reduce suicide rates among individuals with autism, as well as identify more in-depth priorities for future research within the area.