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Newlywed Bride and Groom Fight Double Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnosis and treatment haven't come without challenges

Though chemotherapy is promising, the road to recovery isn’t easy by any means. Michael needed to get an invasive surgery right after his diagnosis. The surgery itself took almost 9 hours to complete and put Michael in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. The recovery process combined with the cancer treatments forced him to stop working as a special education teacher. He never thought that chemotherapy would be this difficult to endure.

It was hard for Michael to adjust to being a cancer fighter. Just six months prior, he felt great. He never thought something like chemotherapy could knock him down as much as it did. In addition, he was experiencing rare and serious complications of his cancer treatment. He was both unable to sleep and unable to keep any food down. During his treatment, Michael lost about 30 pounds in just three weeks.

Because chemotherapy has really knocked Michael off his feet, Annette had to work two different jobs to support the both of them financially. It's soon going to get tough because she is also experiencing the side effects of her chemotherapy. On top of that, Annette is also anxiously waiting to get an important bone marrow biopsy. This time, it will tell her doctors whether cancer has spread since they started her on chemo.