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What's Next for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors?

Learn everything you can about recurrence

Many people want to know whether there is any way they can fight against the chance of cancer coming back. Some believe that exercise regimens, certain diets, and even nutritional supplements can stop recurrence. While they might keep you healthier, there is no evidence pointing to that they can actually stop recurrence.

However, adopting healthy behaviors is always a benefit. So, do yourself a favor, regardless of whether or not it will stop a recurrence, and stop smoking, and start eating well, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight.

It is important to remember that physical and mental health assist a plethora of issues within the body, so it would not be surprising if investing in them gave you a good return.

However, when it comes to dietary supplements, unless you already have a specific deficiency in your body, you can probably go without them. There has been no evidence that they are of any value when it comes to fighting cancer. Also, dietary supplements are not like medicine, so they do not have to be proven effective or safe for them to be sold and labeled as such. So, be wary of what you see online, and be sure to discuss it with your health care team if you do decide to give them a try.