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What's Next for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors?

Look into survivorship care plans

If you haven't heard of survivorship care plans, they are worth looking into. Plans can include a suggested schedule for follow-up exams and tests, a schedule of tests that could be necessary further down the line, such as tests that look into the long-term health effects from your treatment or early detection tests for other forms of cancer. This plan can also include a list of potential late or long-term side effects from your treatment, so you know if something you're experiencing is new, normal, or something to look out for - so you know when you need to, or do not need to, call your doctor. Finally, they can also include diet and physical activity outlines, to ensure you are doing the right amount. Of course, these survivorship care plans vary, and should be talked over with your doctor. As they have likely gotten to know you throughout this ordeal, they will be able to determine what is necessary to include.