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Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs for Crohn's

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs for Crohn's

Pain management can be considered a treatment plan that the patient and doctor can design together. The effective way of controlling pain can be through taking the drugs for Crohn’s disease as per the doctor’s prescription. The treatment plan may involve various medicines to reduce the pain effectively and also supplements to help revitalize the patient's state of health and the condition of his or her body. The drugs usually prescribed by doctors for Crohn's disease are aminosalicylates, corticosteroids, immunomodulators, and antibiotics, which work effectively to reduce the inflammation that triggers symptoms and pain. One should always follow the doctor’s instructions in taking these medicines.

Never stop taking medicine that has been prescribed to you without first consulting with your doctor. Some people try taking their medicine only as they feel they need to--they take it when their condition acts up and stop when they feel normal--but this is wrong. You cannot take the medicine as you please, because doing so could lead to serious health conditions. 

Also, if the doctor prescribes an antibiotic, the patient should take all doses as per prescription and complete the cycle. Never skip a dosage, delay taking the medicine, or stop taking it prematurely. The patient should complete the prescribed cycle even if he already feels better and fully recovered from the disease. 

In order to overcome the pain and discomfort caused by this disease, one can use an over-the-counter pain reliever. For headaches, acetaminophen is effective. 

Before taking any medicine, explore and find the best ways to reduce your health problems relating to the disease. Consult the doctor regarding your options regarding medication with fewer side effects and supplements that will help keep you healthy and strong in spite of the disease.

Reducing the pain without medicine

One has to find effective ways of dealing with the serious, life-debilitating health issue that is Crohn’s disease. Though the disease is not caused by stress, it can influence the patient's experience of the disease by triggering flare-ups and worsening symptoms. One should therefore make use of techniques that help in reducing stress, thereby reducing the effects of the disease. Stress and anxiety reducation and management can be done through natural means, without medication, and make living with the condition more bearable.

Stress needs to be avoided where possible, and since the causes of stress cannot always be completely avoided, the individual should make use of techniques that will help reduce his or her experience of stress as a reaction to the various situations occasioned by life. Moreover, any stress or anxiety due or related specifically to the fact of the disease and its symptoms should be minimized.  

The patient has to develop the habit of diverting his or her attention from the health issue and discomforts caused by the disease, as focus and attention tend to magnify or intensify one's experience of things. Conversely, reducing stress helps a person divert his or her attention to other, more positive aspects and areas of life more easily. This mutuality creates a positive feedback loop that can only be beneficial. Also, engaging in enjoyable activities can, by itself, naturally ease the person's attention away from the health issue. 

When stress is reduced, the person will be more easily able to direct his attention toward activities he enjoys. When occupied in positive, life-affirming activities, relief and recovery come faster. Efforts to concentrate on other activities instead of getting worried about the disease helps bring positivity in one’s life and are highly effective in overcoming the emotional effects of unwanted situations confronting and surrounding us. 

There are many techniques that can promote happiness and satisfaction in life in the midst of the utmost difficulties. How can you make your mind reduce the stress of your mind? The most popular and effective techniques for bringing necessary changes in one's outlook on life, these techniques have been practiced by millions of people around the world. These techniques will not only help you adopt a healthy lifestyle with better habits, but also keep your body healthy and make your mind alert and responsive.

Yoga, which is an Indian way of removing stress from your mind, and the Chinese way of tai chi, are equally good and offer physically pleasurable and effective ways of exercising your mind and body to keep them strong and relaxed at the same time.

Stress management techniques can help a person reduce unnecessary stress. The stress, anxiety, worry, or nervousness related to one's negative state of health makes a person unhappy. The person may go into a depression, which sometimes leads to the very dangerous state of hopelessness and despondency to the point of wanting to take one's life. In order to take control of the situation you are in, you need to be positive and ready to face things. In many cases, it has been found that a person who is unhealthy or even has a serious disease can get cured when you make them happy. The person forgets his worries and gets involved in life. According to a medical science report, more than 70 percent of people with Crohn's disease can experience remission without them taking any medicine by helping them live a stress-free life, which brings magical changes in their lives. The person gets ready to live longer, forgetting his or her worries and pain.

The following are simple practices that can replace medicine and bring about changes for the better in the life of someone dealing with Crohn's disease:


The art of meditation is one of the best ways to deal with life with less stress and more equanimity and positivity. Patients who are suffering from serious diseases and under immense stress should undertake the wonderful experience of regular meditation. It helps the body and mind of a person and makes him more resilient in dealing with physical problems. It makes the mind peaceful, and thus more easily able to accept the situation and more resolute in employing the most effective ways to deal with problems. Meditation is a technique in which one learns to keep the mind under control, and which helps a person eliminate mental negativity. It helps make a person more active, more positive, and healthier all around.

Deep breathing

Part of meditation is about breathing. Breathing exercises are highly useful in keeping the mind and body better coordinated. Deep breathing helps relieve pain and relaxes the body, especially around the abdomen. One can sit on a mat on the floor or sit in a chair while doing the exercises. Deep breathing can be done for a specific amount of time. Close your eyes and sit quietly for a while and then start breathing. The breathing exercise is done by slowly taking in air through the nose and down into the lungs, holding it for a while, and then releasing it slowly. You can repeat the breathing exercise a few times until you feel tired. The breathing helps you relax and allows the body to feel relief. 

As you do the deep breathing exercise, think of the positive things in life. You can recall good memories or imagine nice and pleasant things around you. Positive thinking makes a person relaxed, more confident, and happier. The deep breathing exercise also helps in controlling the muscles in the stomach, and allows the stomach and related parts to function properly. Never be in hurry while doing the deep breathing exercise. Also, keep the atmosphere calm and noise-free, which will help your concentration.

Heat treatment

This helps overcome the pain in the stomach generally caused by Crohn’s disease. Medications need to be taken regularly and can take time to work. But a simple measure that immediately reduces pain is applying heat. You can make use of a heating pad, which keeps the body warm and dissolves pain. One can also make use of a water bottle filled with hot, but not boiling, water. Heat is highly effective in subduing pain and offers instant relief. However, you must take precautions when using a heating pad or hot water bottle. Never use a heating pad on a high setting for an overly long period. Make sure that the water for your hot water bottle is not too hot or it might burn or scald your skin. Also, close the water bottle tightly and check beforehand whether water spills or drips out. 

Warm baths

A warm bath is also an effective way to deal with pain. You can soak in a hot water bath when you have pain that almost cannot be tolerated. The severe pain can come under control when it gets hot water flowing on it. Hot water is a very refreshing experience that relaxes the body and reduces pain. It also whole-body relief and energizes a person. You can drop a pinch of salt in the hot water, as this soothes an anal fissure and helps you recover from mild cramps and intestinal pain.

Nutritional supplements

According to research on Crohn's disease, using nutritional supplements packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is highly recommended as they provide excellent support. A patient should seek the advice of their doctor or dietitian on the nutrients that would be most beneficial for them. Consult with your doctor or dietitian to help choose a nutritional plan that will be most effective and enjoyable for you. 

These are some pain management techniques for dealing and living with Crohn's disease. The disease can be very well-controlled even without having to spend money on medicine. These techniques will help a person with (or without) Crohn's disease overcome stress and pain, and become more positive in his thoughts and toward his activities.