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Study Evaluates Whether Nurses Specializing in Rheumatology Affects Patient Outcomes

This review has paved the way for future research

It's incredibly important for researchers to identify what aspects of a person's health to measure when assessing nursing interventions in any disease. For rheumatoid arthritis, evidence-based care and constant research are of utmost importance as we are always trying to improve the lives of people who live with this complicated condition. This thorough systematic review has confirmed that rheumatology nurses make a huge impact on many factors that affect a patient, including their overall quality of life and even consequences as grave as death. This review has paved the way for further development so that we could work harder to better the comprehensive care that all rheumatoid patients deserve. They have identified measurable outcomes in patients that can help others study nursing interventions in greater detail. This way, we can figure out what practices work best for certain populations of patients, resulting in a better life for everyone involved. Not only do we ensure that time and resources are allocated well, but we also ensure that everything we do in nursing increases benefits and reduces risk to patients.