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One Woman’s Powerful Story of Living with Multiple Sclerosis

A long stay in the ICU

Colleen's lungs and kidneys had almost shut down. Doctors were worried she might not make it through the night. They put her on a ventilator and tried to control her high fever with ice. They admitted her to the intensive care unit where she stayed for more than a month. Colleen was so sick, she was mostly unconscious during this time. Her first memory of the event was on May 27, which is more than a month since her husband had brought her to the emergency room.

When Colleen woke up, she remembers seeing her family surrounding her. She would still slip in and out of consciousness for a very long time after that. Finally, in the middle of June, she began to wake up a little bit more. There were so many loved ones around her when she woke up, it was almost too overwhelming for her during that time. Though she felt loved and cared for by their unconditional support, all she could think about was how noisy they were being. They were all talking about her like she wasn't even there in the room with them. She wanted so badly to scream at all of them to get out and leave her alone.