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Oral Health and Parkinson's Disease

A Positive Outlook

Not everyone with Parkinson’s will develop oral health problems. You can minimize the likelihood even more by being proactive about dental care as soon a Parkinson’s diagnosis has been made. Although it’s not required during the initial stages of the disorder to find a dentist that specializes in treating patients with the disorder, in later stages it may necessary to obtain a recommendation from a neurologist.

Great strides have been made in the past decade in linking non-motor symptoms as part of the overall effects of Parkinson’s, oral health maintenance has thankfully becoming one of them. This is an especially positive step because of how devastating badly managed oral health can become both socially and because of the many secondary health problems that may develop as a consequence like diabetes that can directly impact the care of patients. There are so many options now available for oral health management that patients can take advantage of such as solutions for dry mouth, but more impressive is the wide array of products available for self care in the home.

Good oral health is in everyone’s best interest we have been taught this since childhood, but for Parkinson’s patients it may be the difference between life and death, or an uncomfortable situation being made more so unnecessarily.