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Free the Mind: Overcoming Setbacks With Fibromyalgia

Eat light and healthy food

What you eat affects your mood. Too much processed and salty food is not only unhealthy to your intestines but also to your brain. Meanwhile, a cleansing diet for a week or two gives you a light feeling and a peaceful mind. An experimental documentary study by Morgan Spurlock showed that a 30-day processed food diet leads to obesity and depression. Despite the huge burger, large fries and soda, he still found himself unsatisfied as the food does not keep his stomach full for an extended period of time. His usual uplifting personality also became a struggle to maintain. The more he ate the food, the more he mulled over the negative things about his life.

A change in nutrition plan can serve you well most, especially to ease the clutter in your brain. Studies prove that Mediterranean or traditional diet contains supplements with good bacteria or the probiotics. Vegetables and fruits are high in fiber and have plenty of vitamins and minerals. You will thank them for your fairer and glowing skin later on. Seafood, meats, dairy, and rice are also part of the diet that serves as your energizers but must be consumed modestly. Those who regularly follow this diet have 25 to 35 percent lower depression risk than those who do not.