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Free the Mind: Overcoming Setbacks With Fibromyalgia

Remember your past achievements; Know your worth

Forget about other people’s thoughts about you and focus on what you think about yourself instead. Remind yourself that you were once an achiever; one that is necessary in this world. People who experience inferiority complex are usually the ones who do not invest time to be great in what they love. For example, your passion is into media and arts, such as filming, photography, editing, and writing, but you ended up shifting your career by being a business associate.  You may be chasing for promotional success in the field for years, yet the thought of going back to your first love is extremely high. This is why decision-making is very crucial, and when deciding on something, considering your worth first won’t hurt anyone. In fact, it will help you avoid regrets in the process of your working life. You will also find the setbacks easier to handle because you chose what you love to do.

Displaying your trophies, medals, certificates, or keeping a success diary at home encourages you to collect more. When you’re feeling nostalgic for the day, these things will remind you how much you strive for your goals back then. If you were able to bag triumph in the past, there’s no way that you cannot achieve more in the future.