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Protein Secreted by Parasitic Worms May Treat Crohn's and Colitis

Any future action requires caution

Turning clinical results into treatment for IBD can be rather difficult. Still, research on how parasitic worms can be beneficial to treatment of IBD symptoms is ongoing in both the United States and Europe. By understanding the mechanism of the regulatory T-cells, it could open doors to not only understanding and treating inflammatory bowel diseases, but also other autoimmune disorders down the line, such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis, type I diabetes, and food allergies. The researchers noted that for the time being, it is considered unsafe and it is not recommended for patients to infect themselves with T. Trichiura or any other types of worms on their own, as there are several potential side effects. “There's no safe way of getting exposed to it at this point. All of these things should be done with the aid of a doctor and carefully thought through, not by indiscriminately seeking exposure,” said Weinstock.