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The Pain Is Real: These Pictures Show What Fibromyalgia Really Looks Like

The Pain Is Real: These Pictures Show What Fibromyalgia Really Looks Like

Fibromyalgia is not a rare condition, and it is actually one of the most common chronic pain disorders in the world. With fibromyalgia, patients experience sore and stiff muscles for a long period of time, and have symptoms that seem invisible to those around them.

Right now, the treatment for fibromyalgia involves lifestyle changes and medication that targets the symptoms. And also, there are still very few physicians that specialize in the disease.

Even though fibromyalgia doesn't damage any joints or organs, the constant pain and fatigue it brings can truly impact the patient’s daily life. And, the current misconceptions surrounding the disease can affect patients even more.

Fibromyalgia's painful reality

Because there is no sufficient evidence that could actually confirm the specific cause of fibromyalgia, and also because its symptoms are similar to the symptoms of other diseases, patients were led to believe that this feeling was just all in their heads. But in reality, the intense pain that fibromyalgia brings is real.

Most people do not see how some patients cope with this condition. But, their daily lives are greatly affected. They rarely go out of their houses because of their exhaustion and bad mood. The pain and fatigue can make them incredibly cranky, anxious, and depressed, which can make fibromyalgia even worse. Staying on task at work can be difficult and even hobbies, such as gardening and exercising, can be formidable.

If a patient doesn't have a great support system, this can make them experience both depression and anxiety, which can not only affect themselves but loved ones around them. It is vital to give support whenever you can, just so they know that they aren't alone.

What fibromyalgia looks like in real life

Commonly, people without the condition think of fibromyalgia as an “invisible” illness. However, if seen at a closer look, behind the brave face and “fine” body, are days spent on the couch while experiencing excruciating nerve pain. Patients with the condition find it hard to even eat because of the nausea they are feeling. Every day can be a struggle for them.

The following are pictures of people with fibromyalgia with the symptoms they experience. Though in some photos they may appear as if they are not sick, taking a closer look would make the pain, fatigue, and their losing strength become clear.