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How This Pizza Company Fundraises for Lymphoma



Photo credit: Nation's Restaurant News

PizzaRev is chain restaurant that started in Los Angeles in 2012 and now has over 40 locations in the US where customers can create their own pizza. Patrons can fully create their own homemade pizza using more than 30 toppings. It is a fast food type of restaurant where customers partake in the cooking and everything is made in front of them in about three minutes. They also try to be mindful of what where the food they put in the mouths of their customers comes from. All of their dough is homemade, and their ingredients are locally sourced. They have options for people who are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free as well. PizzaRev also has a philanthropic side.

They give customers the opportunity to support causes they are passionate about by hosting fundraisers at the restaurants. PizzaRev advertises on their website with the slogan “Let’s raise some dough,” that they are committed to making a difference, and dedicated to helping support their patron’s causes and their local communities. Submitting information for a fundraiser can be done online. The fundraising process then works by supporters mentioning the organization at the register and then PizzaRev takes 20% of the proceeds and donates it to the organization.