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The Potential for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Misunderstood symptoms during childhood

What is more, is that many people who were diagnosed as adults with MS did not realize that they had their first symptoms in childhood. Later in life they realize that things they may have overlooked as kids could have been early MS symptoms. Nicholas LaRocca, vice president of the National MS Society said, “We still don't know when MS actually begins. The more we can understand about pediatric MS, the more it will tell us about the overall trajectory of MS, not only for youngsters but even for those diagnosed in adulthood.” Until recently, children with MS also had to take medications that were designed for adults. With increased importance being placed on conducting research around pediatric MS, more appropriate treatments for these children are being developed. This is not only more effective, but also safer. Providers will no longer have to toy around with adult dosing and hope for the best when giving them to children.