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The Potential for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Teens with MS and trouble fitting in

At the time of the writing of the USA Today article Peter and Victoria were both 16. Their MS had provided them with different childhood experiences and outlooks on life. At 16 Victoria had spent a week at a summer camp for children with MS. She said that she enjoyed having friends with MS and going to this camp because it helped her to not feel alone, and she already had something in common with everyone there. Her and her camp friends stay in touch throughout the year via social media, and Victoria feels that these connections have been a huge part of her accepting and coping with her condition, especially when she has relapses. Peter loves to fish, and he has a different perspective on his MS. He does not want friends with MS because he feels just like everyone else his age. The only time he feels different is when he is actually sick, the rest of the time he just tries to forget about it. Development of better treatment options could help kids like Peter and Victoria have childhoods that are more similar to their peers.