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6 Reasons Why Putting Work Before Health Is Just Plain Reckless

6 Reasons Why Putting Work Before Health Is Just Plain Reckless

6 Reasons Why Putting Work Before Health Is Just Plain Reckless

A lot of people focus on their work instead of their health to get a promotion, be respected by their peers, and to make money; however, if you do not pay attention to your health this plan will inevitably backfire.

Many think that they should just "deal with" their stress and continue going to work as normal. Some people even look down on taking "mental health" days. However, if you are feeling as if you are under too much pressure, it is important to listen to that within yourself, and take control. 

Studies have shown that approximately one in five people suffer from work-related anxiety, and can become ill as a result. Panic attacks, depression, insomnia, anxiety, physical tensions, and migraines are common effects. 

Some stress is preventable

So, what can you do to protect yourself? Make sure that you have a support system. Be open with your family and friends about what you are going through, and it can also be a good idea to talk to a counselor. Be sure to analyze where your stress is coming from, and approach it from there. Engage in hobbies, preferably active ones, to take your mind off the stress. Of course, general lifestyle changes are important for mental health as well, such as eating well, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.

If you are feeling stressed from situations at work, be sure to speak with your managers or coworkers about them. Occasionally, sources of stress are simply misunderstandings. Open lines of communication always help. If you feel too much is being assigned to you, be honest with everyone involved. Take control of your workload to take control of your health. 

Moving around is necessary

Because of the switch to computers in most workplaces, people are sitting far longer than ever before throughout the day, and as a result are burning almost 150 fewer calories. Studies show that sitting at a desk all day is a major contributor to the increase in obesity in recent years. 

If small ailments are left untreated when they arise, they usually evolve into larger health problems - which means more time off of work. So, deal with your health immediately in order to perform better. When it comes to stress, prevention is easier and better for you than treatment.

We all know that our health is important, but sometimes it can take a backseat when it comes to our work. We're afraid of disappointing managers and coworkers, need to pay the bills, and generally want to do well at our jobs, so we think we can let a few things slide when it comes to our health if it means we can perform better or work harder at work; however, this idea is just plain reckless - and here are six reasons why.