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Travel Buff Refuses to Let Rheumatoid Arthritis Stop His Adventures

Meet Larry, a man who loves to travel

Meet Larry, a man who loves to travel

Photo credit: Scension

Since starting their retirement, Larry and Lanora have traveled far and wide for the last 14 years. They do this by hauling a small trailer that they also call their home. Hitting the road constantly with their entire life’s possessions, they travel many miles at a time over vastly different terrains. In one trip, they had trekked cross continent starting from the icy western banks of northern Alaska to the picturesque coast of Nova Scotia southeast Canada.

As avid travelers, they seldom stick to a routine. But every summer, Larry and Lanora always settle their mobile home in the beautiful and rugged state of Colorado. Colorado is a favorite of many travelers, famed for its expansive forestry and scenic hiking. Here, they would spend several weeks at a time breathing in the fresh mountainous air and lush greenery. They particularly love to drive their Jeep off-roading through the peaks and valleys of the mountainous terrain.