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Travel Buff Refuses to Let Rheumatoid Arthritis Stop His Adventures

The healing process

The healing process

With time and support, Larry slowly began to recover his strength. He realized that he didn’t want his disease to hold him back any longer. He decided to continue pursuing the things he loved most despite his diagnosis and take his life back from rheumatoid arthritis.

Though he recognizes that he now has some physical limitations, he refuses to let this get in the way of his love for traveling. He and his wife have begun to pick up their trailer again. They have a long list of sights they still want to venture out and see.

Though his disease has caused him to slow down a little, it doesn’t keep him from traveling with his wife. Larry’s new mindset after his diagnosis is to always be mentally prepared for setbacks. Living with rheumatoid arthritis can surprise you with complications, but Larry and Lanora have learned to be flexible and accepting of this. Larry refuses to let any of these setbacks discourage him or beat him down.

We wish Larry and his wife safe travels as they embark on their next adventure.