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A Patient’s Perspective on Routine Crohn’s Check-ups

The actual appointment

Finally, it’s your turn. This time they call your name for REAL. You get to go into another room that is more private, just for you and your doctor. Here, you wait a little longer for this now much-anticipated meeting to finally happen.

The doctor comes in. You both greet each other warmly. You’re relieved that the doctor’s here, and you might even strike up a friendly chat to lighten the mood. He asks how you’re doing, and you’re never sure how to respond exactly. Is this just small talk or does he actually want to know “how you’re doing?" If he means the latter, it’s going to be a very long conversation. 

This briefly pleasant and carefree moment fades away as the doctor logs into the computer to check on your most recent test results. Then, your heart sinks as you hear your doctor groan loudly. You wonder, is everything okay? Is something bad on my blood work or tests? Your heart starts to race and you begin to sweat as you imagine that your doctor’s getting ready to give you some very bad news. Then, they suddenly let out an exasperated moan, “the system is SO slow!” You realize that they are complaining about the computer and not your bowels (or your brains). You breathe out a sigh of relief.