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New Orleans Saints' Michael Mauti Saves Career Despite Losing Large Intestine

By changing his diet, Mauti has been able to cope

Without his large intestine, Mauti experiences more frequent and sometimes more painful bowel movements, but to reduce his complications, he avoids acidic foods. “I feel 100 percent. My diet is way cleaner — no fried foods — which is a blessing in disguise. On Sundays, when my wife and mom fix spaghetti and meatballs, I sprinkle baking powder on the sauce to cut down the acidity,” he said. “Most people around the country may not realize how tough that is to do in New Orleans,” said his father. By testing out different foods and ingredients, Mauti has been able to adopt a diet that has helped him keep his weight steadily at 235, all season long. It has given him hope that he might be able to extend his NFL career and get through games without worrying about experiencing abdominal pain or having to go to the bathroom. “I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my career,” said Mauti.