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The Secret to Weight Loss Is Right in Your Bedroom

Be mindful of tired eating

Studies show that when you're tired during the day, you're going to select less healthy choices and eat more of whatever you choose, even if unintentionally. It starts as soon as you wake up. Maybe you were going to have a healthy shake or juice for breakfast, but when you are feeling so fatigued, you'll probably ditch that idea for a caffeinated Starbucks drink on the way to work. You might justify it by saying that you need to wake up, but all of that caffeine isn't without sugar and calories.

Then, at the end of your day, you might have been planning to whip up a nutritious meal. But due to your lack of sleep, you'll probably be feeling as if you are far too tired to cook and instead opt for takeout, or even the dreaded fast food. When not sleeping enough becomes a habit, so does bad eating.