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Selena Gomez Expected to Share Lupus Struggle in New Documentary

Selena Gomez Expected to Share Lupus Struggle in New Documentary

Singer and Actress Selena Gomez. Photo Source: Billboard.

Life-Changing Diseases and Illnesses can Affect Celebrities Too

It might come as a surprise to some, but there are numerous celebrities across the globe that face different diseases and illnesses. Famous actor, singer, performer, and among many other titles Selena Gomez faces a disease. It is absolutely true that no two cases of lupus are alike. While this can be said of various diseases and illnesses, lupus patients have different symptoms that can pop up whenever and at any time. The different symptoms can indeed come from out of nowhere, surprising many individuals along the way. Lupus is a disease that affects the entire body in general, especially the immune system. This can lead the body to attack the other organs and tissues. This can include but is not limited to the skin, kidneys, blood cells, heart, lungs, joint, and brains. This can also be a rather difficult disease to diagnose as well due to the different signs and symptoms. In fact, the signs and symptoms of lupus can actually mimic other side effects of various ailments and illnesses.

One of the biggest indicators of lupus is a rash that can occur around the face that resembles a butterfly shape. This is not the cause in all cases of lupus for each patient, but it can be seen in many different patients that are starting to show certain symptoms of the disease. Since this disease occurs by attacking the body's natural immune system, it can actually appear in certain individuals that are prone to developing certain other diseases, also. The cause for this disease is unknown. The struggle of lupus can truly affect any individual and the unknown cause of this disease affects those around the globe, including a celebrity and top performer like Gomez. Although the cause of this disease that can be life altering is unknown, doctors and researchers alike have been able to figure out a few key causes that are known to perhaps trigger the disease.

Unlike various other illnesses and ailments, lupus is a disease that can have a trigger. The sunlight can be a reason that triggers the onset of lupus. This exposure to the sun can actually bring on a trigger, making the body respond in overdrive. Various infections can also lead to a relapse or a first time trigger in many people. Keeping a record of what medications are affecting the disease is also suggested by healthcare professionals. Certain medications must be avoided, along with certain treatments for other ailments.

More Attention in Public Media over Recent Years

Since Selena Gomez has been open and honest about her experiences with lupus and the effects it has had on her, this autoimmune disease has had more attention brought to it in the recent years compared to earlier reports. This type of exposure can lead others to come to terms with their disease, among other positive aspects. The struggle was very difficult for Gomez, as each individual faces their own set of challenges related to the disease along the way, also. Although she has been rather open about her struggles with lupus and other types of issues that have risen with it.

She has allowed fans and those on the outside to see the issues and struggles that she is facing daily with this disease. In an upcoming documentary, it is possible that she will open up even more about how this disease has affected her health and way of life, as stated by In Touch. Like many others who have faced the struggle of dealing with lupus and managing their symptoms, she has faced challenges of her own along the path. The experience can be a life altering one that affects people in different ways.

Also, Gomez received a kidney transplant that she is expected to talk about in an upcoming documentary. Both her and her friend are doing well after the surgery. Having a trusted ally and support group can make the difference. With different types of movies and performances coming up, Selena Gomez is getting back into her goals and living life to the fullest it would seem.

Lupus can be a struggle to manage, but knowing that there are millions of individuals out there facing these issues can lead to patients finding support groups that could benefit not only emotional health, but physical. Knowing when to seek help is something that is even told by celebrities, as evidenced by the kind message Gomez left about her friend Francia Raisa. More awareness is what researchers and those with lupus are looking to gain. Those with lupus are able to enjoy their life in many ways throughout. Even after her surgery, Gomez was working out soon after those reports regarding her surgery came out into the open.

This is not to be expected by everyone, as each case is different. Even in a case like Selena's, there can be months of healing time after. With the good news that Selena is back and ready to face new challenges, her fans are sure to find even more to discover about her! With both her and her friend who donated the kidney, new stories and information is almost certainly to be released shortly. While it is important to remember that celebrities might have better access to certain care, the struggle of lupus is still very real in any individual. It doesn't matter what each person has regarding money or status, there are different struggles that everyone faces when facing lupus.

Like all of those with lupus, Gomez will continue to face this battle, with her fans, friends, family, and more supporting her throughout. Seeing her bring this attention to the light and discussing support for other autoimmune diseases is important in raising awareness and access. Keeping up with lupus research and the various organizations dedicated to this disorder is something that Gomez is very passionate about. Like Gomez, keeping up a healthy mindset and trying to find activities to enjoy is vital. Look for upcoming information about Lupus and the struggle that Gomez is facing. Her upcoming documentary will give insight into what it is like for her and her struggle with lupus.

Knowing what can be a cause for some and how it affects others can give not only those with lupus inspiration, but can allow more funds to be given for research. Although more information is to be revealed by Gomez herself and those around her, looking into research online about the causes and what can be done is another step in understanding this autoimmune disorder. Even though this was a large reveal to the celebrity news world and throughout, it is being used as a good thing for those who are facing lupus and those who support those with this disorder. It is great news that Selena is doing well and is wanting those around her to understand the issues at hand about lupus and the overall effects.