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Service Dog Helps Student with Autism Excel in College

What can a service dog offer?

Here are some of the benefits they offer to people of all ages living with autism.

  • A service dog responds to emotional meltdowns by calming and soothing with kindness.
  • A service dog helps to reduce blood pressure levels, assists with pain management, and triggers physical stimulation.
  • A service dog improves the owner’s ability to socialize.
  • A service dog helps to lift the owner’s mood.
  • A service dog helps to increase focus and concentration.
  • A service dog assists in healthy daily sensory games to help improve motor skills, memory skills, and problem-solving skills.
  • A service dog assists in easing anxieties by providing reassurance.
  • A service dog provides much-needed confidence and self-esteem.
  • A service dog promotes positive and unconditional feelings of love and comfort.
  • A service dog reduces repetitive motion by recognizing the onset of an autistic individual’s episodes and interrupting them.
  • A service dog recognizes and gently interrupts the potentially self-harming behaviors of an autistic individual.
  • A service dog helps to promote verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • A service dog provides stability in unfamiliar environments.
  • A service dog offers companionship and fills the void or feelings of lonesomeness.
  • A service dog offers a shoulder to lean on.
  • A service dog keeps an autistic individual from wandering off or running into harm’s way.