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Service Dogs and Fibromyalgia

Benefits of a Fibromyalgia Service Dog

Besides from the above mentioned, fibromyalgia service pooches can be trained to perform the following tasks:

  • Wheelchair assistance: The bigger breeds of dogs are often strong enough to pull wheelchairs in case the person’s arms and legs are aching too much on some days. These service animals may even pull the person up ramps and onto sidewalks.
  • Emotional Assistance: Like spending time with a loved one, the presence of a loving animal will trigger the release of endorphins within the person, which can help provide relief from the emotional aspect of the disease. Furthermore, petting dogs has been proven to reduce stress in most persons.
  • Retrieval of items: As was mentioned above, service dogs can be trained to retrieve not only medication but any items that the person may not be able to reach at the time, such as dropped items, articles from another room, and yes, even the remote control is not a feat too big — or small, depending on the perspective — for these faithful companions.
  • Bodily relief: Similar to the emotional support provided by services dogs, it has been proven that stroking or sitting next to these animal companions helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, and also soothing the physical pain.