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12 Signs You're in a Toxic Relationship That's Making You Sick

7. Losing touch with yourself

You should feel open to be completely yourself within a relationship, and if you feel you have to hide or suppress aspects of yourself, then there is a problem. While everyone changes to a certain extent when they share their lives with someone else, it is important to keep your true essence. People often lose touch with this when they feel unappreciated, or even ashamed, of who they are.

You cannot remain in a relationship where you can't be your true self. However, you should give being your true self around them a try, and you might find that they love even the deepest darkest parts of you that you've begun to hide. A strong relationship takes honesty and openness from both sides, but if you feel you have already attempted to show the person who you are and they are not receptive, then you need to find someone who will love you for who you truly are.

You should never feel embarrassed by your partner.