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Six Body Parts that Can Be Affected by Lupus


Some lupus patients are sensitive to ultraviolet rays in sunlight, and this causes various skin changes. The most common skin problem someone might develop is a rash on the cheeks and nose. The rash is shaped like a butterfly. Also, patches or red, scaly bumps may develop on the body. Discoid lesions (coin – like patches) can appear on the scalp or body. There could be other skin problems in various parts such as:

  • Hair loss called alopecia
  • Nose or mouth sores
  • Blue or white toes and fingers when it is cold, the condition is called Raynaud’s phenomenon

Lupus patients should protect their skin from the sun by using a sunscreen. The sunscreen should have an SPF of 50+. They should also avoid the sun during the day when the sun is burning. They should also wear protective clothing and wide-brimmed hats in the sun. Harsh chemicals should be avoided. Lupus patients should be gentle on their hair and use a conditioner and baby shampoo. Raynaud’s phenomenon occurs when it is cold and wearing thick socks and mittens can help. The hands and toes should be kept warm always.