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For People with Sleep Apnea a Diagnosis May Be Life-Saving

Positive airway pressure (PAP)

This is by far the most effective of treatments for moderate to severe OSA. There are many types of PAP, but two most common types are CPAP and BPAP. CPAP is abbreviated form for continuous positive airway pressure, it is a non-invasive method of giving continuous oxygen to a person while sleeping. Oxygen is given under the continuous pressure. By non-invasive we mean that nothing is inserted inside nose or respiratory way, but it is still a bit more than a simple mask. Due to continuous pressure, it has added advantages for cardiac health, apart from decreasing the sleep hypoxia. BPAP means bi-level positive airway pressure, meaning that the pressure of air supply is changed according to the rhythm of breathing. It may be preferred in certain diseases like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Which of the PAP instrument or method is better, is best decided by the specialist by taking into consideration various health problems. But as you can guess, wearing the mask that supplies air under pressure while sleeping is not a very comfortable option, and many people find it irritating. Though it is very beneficial, adherence of PAP remains a huge problem.