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For People with Sleep Apnea a Diagnosis May Be Life-Saving

Sleep apnea risks

Certain type of people who are at increased risk of sleep apnea(3);

  • There is some truth in associating snoring with men, as males tend to suffer from it far more often or twice more as per statistics. But still, one-third of the cases of OSA are females.
  • Overweight or obesity increase the risk of OSA.
  • People who have either alcohol or sedative before going to sleep.
  • Unusual neck structure, it could be by birth or due to some disease.
  • Age above 40.
  • Smoking.
  • Menopause is women.
  • Nasal congestion often results in the deviated septum and other changes in the upper respiratory way.

If a person suffers from OSA, he or she may not get enough sleep and oxygen, resulting in chronic fatigue, poor performance, sleepiness during the daytime, and emotional changes like irritation to name the few. If untreated, it may cause a rise in blood pressure, increase the risk of heart attack, stroke or even death. Thus this problem is far serious than most of us tend to think about it.