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What Do Your Sleep Habits Say About Your Physical and Mental Health?

Do you sleep-eat? This could be REM Behavior Disorder.

We've all heard of talking in our sleep, or even sleepwalking, but do you ever sleep eat? As it turns out, it's actually not as rare as you might think.

Sometimes, sleep-eating will actually occur during sleepwalking. So, if you know you have done so in the past, you might have had a snack while walking. In extreme cases, people can sleepwalk into their kitchen, and prepare food without remembering it. Of course, this can be extremely dangerous if they are using the stove when doing so, and leaving it on when they return to their bed.

Another problem associated with eating during sleep is that there could be weight gain without even knowing that they have been eating. This is especially frustrating in situations where a person is on a diet and continues to gain weight no matter what they do, which can be extremely disheartening when you put in effort and don't see results.